Borrowing Procedures

Loan Periods / Item Limits

Loan periods for special charges, including interlibrary loans, may vary. Be sure to check the due date on the special charge slip.

Your library card or a picture ID is required to check out any item from the library. Each borrower may have up to 100 items total on their account. 

Most Books None 3
New Adult Books None 2
Magazines None 3
Pamphlets None 3
Maps 3 3
Compact Discs None 3
Books on Tape None 3
DVDs 10 1
Interlibrary Loan Items None 3
Playaways None 3
Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Library cards are stopped and may not be used to check out or renew materials if any of the following conditions exist.

  • The cardholder has one or more items checked out that are long overdue (6 weeks or more past the due date).
  • The cardholder owes $10 or more in overdue fines or other charges.
  • The cardholder has one or more interlibrary loan items overdue.

Patrons may renew their items over the phone or internet as well as in person without items being present. Print and audiovisual items may be renewed up to five times. Items that have been requested by another library customer may not be renewed. Most interlibrary loan items (ILL) may be renewed once.  If you owe fines or have some other type of hold on your account you may not renew online.

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Requesting Materials

Items that are checked out may have holds/reserves placed on them. Items may be placed on request at any reference desk of any YDL facility, online or over the phone. When requesting items with an "on shelf" status, for immediate fulfillment, we suggest you place your request by phone. Requests are taken on a first-come first-served basis.

Interlibrary loan service is available to obtain items which the library does not own. These requests may take anywhere from 1-6 weeks to be received; YDL borrows materials from libraries participating in the statewide lending program, MeLCat. You may request an Interlibrary Loan at any YDL public service desk, online, or by telephone.

Returning Materials

Library materials may be returned at any location. Dropboxes are available 24 hours a day at each location.


All items, with the exception of DVDs and videos, are assessed an overdue fine of 10 cents per day/per item. DVDs and videos are assessed an overdue fine of $1.00 per day per item. The maximum fine for any DVD or video is $5.00; the maximum fine for any other library material is $3.00. Any item that is returned more than 6 months late may be charged an additional non-refundable $2.00 processing fee. Failure to receive an overdue notice does not exempt a cardholder from the responsibility for overdue fines.

Click on your account to view fines.

Click here to pay your fines online with a credit card.

Lost Materials

If an item is lost, the cardholder will be charged the price of the item plus a $2.00 processing fee. Charges for lost interlibrary loan items will be determined by the lending library.

Damaged Materials

If an item is damaged, the cardholder will be charged the price of the item plus a $2.00 processing fee. Charges for damaged interlibrary loan items will be determined by the lending library.

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