YDL Welcomes Donation of Humorist’s Writings

Monday, January 14, 2013

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a published writer, you can attend one of the many events at the Ypsilanti District Library where they host authors.  Or, you might ask the man pushing the broom behind you.  Marc Holland, a custodian at YDL-Whittaker for the last five years, has donated copies of four comic plays he co-wrote to the library’s collection.

“People assume if you’re a writer, you’re rich,” Holland says.  “I wish their assumptions were correct.”  First published in 1993, Holland figures he’s probably made less than a dollar an hour for the time he spent slaving over legal pads, typewriters, word processors and now, finally, computers.  Not that he regrets it, at least not the writing part.  “The writing is like making a baby,” he analogizes.  “Editing and selling it to a publisher is more like delivering it.”

Warren’s Peace, his latest release (co-written with his wife, Kathy), takes place in a library and is the first of his plays to be set in Michigan.  The plot unfolds in a small town in the Thumb area. On a date set as “World Peace Day,” the inhabitants of fictional Crickwater are anything but peaceful, as humorous battles break out and old scores are debated and ultimately settled.  “It is a comedy after all,” Holland explains.  “I don’t want people going home from the theater with a headache.  We’ve got our own lives for that.”

As a performer on stage and radio in addition to the writing, at forty-eight years old, Holland has always worked a full-time job in addition to what he calls “his hobby.”  And if he should someday make big money?  “I’d have to come back here and volunteer,” he insists.  “I’ve had some of my best ideas mopping this floor in the quiet, early morning hours.”

Library Director Jill Morey isn’t surprised that a member of her maintenance staff can claim the title of author.  “He’s always been a light-hearted and funny individual.  I look forward to seeing one of his plays in person.”  And if this new play should feature a villainous Library Director?  “Well,” Morey deadpanned, “I’ll mop the floor with him.”

Copies of Marc Holland’s works are available for check-out.  To learn more about this American humorist, visit his website.

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