YDL Offers the Kill-A-Watt Meter™

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonder why your utility bill keeps rising? Trying to guess which of your appliances could be the culprit? Eliminate the guess work by checking out a Kill-A-Watt™ meter from the Ypsilanti District Library. Simply connect these appliances to the Kill A Watt™, and it will assess how efficient they really are. A large LCD display will count consumption by the Killowatt-hour, the same as your local utility. You can calculate your electrical expenses by the day, week, month, even an entire year. Now you´ll know if it is time for a new refrigerator or if that old air conditioner is still saving you money.

Kill-A-Watt™ meters can be checked out from YDL-Whittaker, YDL-Michigan, YDL-Superior and the bookmobile for three weeks using your YDL library card.  Along with the meter, you will receive a worksheet to help you figure your costs as well as a list of various print and electronic resources with more information about energy savings.

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