Thank You for Your Service

This 2013 book was runner-up for the 2018 Washtenaw Reads book, and has been made into a Hollywood feature film. Author David Finkel previously brought us the Afghanistan war memoir, The Good Soldiers; he was an embedded journalist with the 2-16 Infantry Battalion for 15 months to prepare it.  Thank You For Your Service presents the stories of some of those same men after they have returned home, showing just what the war has cost them, rendering a “thank you for your service” as a meaningless platitude. Their harrowing journey of transition from military to civilian life is every bit as dangerous as when they were at war; once again their lives are at stake.  Post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, physical injuries, financial stresses, family issues, employment, dealing with the VA—it seems they have brought the war’s demons home with them. This is a difficult book to read, knowing that the players are real people facing what seem like insurmountable problems.  Finkel tells their story, but he is not in their story. He is the observer, not the critic nor a sympathetic help-mate: he simply carries the message to us.

The original 2016 documentary is available to watch on YouTube. You can read more about it on


Thank you for your serviceBy Finkel, David, 1955-

"This extraordinary book will piss you off and break your heart. It will shame you and lift you up. It will bend your mind to the reality of an American war..."-Ben Fountain

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