Livemocha is Here!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Parlez-vous français? ¿Hablas español? Mówisz polską? Have you always wanted to learn another language? If so, the Ypsilanti District Library can now be your resource for exploring the world through language!  We recently subscribed to Livemocha which offers over 35 languages online. Livemocha is committed to creating a world in which every human being is fluent in multiple languages. Your library card will get you access to the full, unlimited version for free, at home where you can practice your new language in a quiet environment.

Livemocha offers many learning styles, including video, photographs, flashcards, and audio feedback. Social media features, including live chat with a native speaker, provide various ways to interact. In addition, each learner can customize Livemocha content to suit his or her individual needs and preferences. Livemocha is available within and outside all YDL locations. Create a free account on your first visit, after that, log in with your account information. Your learning progress will be saved each time. Swedish, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Italian are just a few of the languages available.

Livemocha delivers an unparalleled learning experience that promises conversational fluency. Since launching in 2007, the Livemocha community has grown to over 14 million members from over 195 countries, highlighting the international demand for an engaging and collaborative approach to language learning.

To see a video overview of Livemocha, watch Livemocha at a Glance. For more information on how to begin, watch Livemocha's Getting Started Walkthrough.

For assistance accessing Livemocha from your computer, please contact our reference staff  by calling (734) 482-4110 ext. 1377 (Whittaker), ext. 1385 (Michigan), or ext. 1391 (Superior).

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