I Can't Breathe : A Killing on Bay Street

The author, an award-winning contributing editor for Rolling Stone delivers a sobering, in-depth analysis of the people and circumstances involved in the 2014 murder of Eric Garner by the Staten Island police.  He paints Garner as a larger-than-life affable street hustler, well-known and liked by people in the neighborhood, whose prime motivation was to provide for his children.  Garner sold single cigarettes, sometimes single packs, which was a popular way to avoid the highly taxed cartons.  He was arrested for this activity many times, but always returned to it once out of jail. He was 43 years old when he died, the victim of an arrest gone bad; he was placed in an illegal choke hold by the police in their efforts to take him down. This was all caught on a bystander's cell phone. Taibbi's exhaustive research for this book is evident in the amount of detail he brings to the story--he has everyone's perspectives: friends, relatives, people on the block, store owners, police detectives, lawyers, politicians...you name it. Taibbi is a great writer, bringing both the immediacy of the tragic event and the importance of the people involved on a personal level, exposing how an interaction with the police on any given day in Staten Island might go tragically wrong. 

I can't breathe : a killing on Bay StreetBy Taibbi, Matt author.

"Garner's death," writes Taibbi, "and the great distances that were traveled to protect his killer, now stand as testaments to America's pathological desire to avoid equal treatment under the law for its black population. " (the author)

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