The End of the World Running Club

Edgar Hill, 35-year-old father of two living in Edinburgh, Scotland, isn’t particularly happy with his life. He’s overweight, drinks too much, and isn’t much of a father or husband. And when the apocalypse comes, in the form of a catastrophic asteroid strike that decimates the UK, he just barely manages to get his family to safety in their basement. After their eventual rescue by the military, the Hills find themselves living in a barracks with a few soldiers and survivors. While Ed’s on a salvage mission, wife Beth and their small children are rescued by helicopter and taken to Cornwall, 550 miles to the south, with a planned evacuation by ship on Christmas Day, a few weeks away. Ed and his six companions must make their journey to Cornwall on foot, and to make the departure deadline they must run. A ruined landscape, desperate and dangerous survivors, and betrayal all wreak havoc on their trek. The survivors traveling with Ed are all memorable, each with their own story, but the star is Ed, whose transformation is the heart of the book. This is post-apocalyptic fiction at its best, and listeners will have a hard time turning this one off. Narrator Jot Davies handles the characters’ various accents quite well. 

The end of the world running club [sound recording]By Walker, Adrian J.,

An asteroid hit has largely destroyed the UK. Ed, a lazy, overweight, unhappy husband and father of two, and six other survivors must make their way 550 miles south to reunite him with his family. With a deadline to meet before his wife and children board an evacuation ship, the group decides their only option is to run.

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