Books about Responsibility

Youth Picture Books

Berenstain, Stan

The Berenstain Bears and the Blame Game

Members of the Bear family try to solve their problems without playing the blame game of arguing over who is responsible for every disaster.

Brown, Marc Tolen

Arthur’s Pet Business

Arthur’s determination to prove he is responsible enough to have a puppy brings him a menagerie of animals to care for.

Hoban, Russell

The Sorely Trying Day

When Father comes home at the end of a sorely trying day, he finds all the family fighting and scolding after a sequence of events for which no one is willing to take the blame.

Horstman, Lisa

Squawking Matilda

Mae likes starting projects but never seems to finish them, and so when Aunt Susan asks her to take care of a feisty chicken Mae is soon distracted, then must find a way to make up for her neglect before Aunt Susan’s visit.

Jennings, Sharon

Franklin Forgets

Franklin agrees to help Mr. Mole while he is away by doing some chores but he forgets and has to tell Mr. Mole that his garden’s a mess.

Mahoney, Daniel J.

The Saturday Escape

Three friends feel guilty about going to story hour at the library instead of doing what their parents told them to do.

Saltzberg, Barney

Stanley and the Class Pet

Stanley is excited about bringing the class pet, a bird, home for the weekend, but when his friend Larry urges him to open the cage and let Figgy out to fly, it is hard to know who is to blame for the ensuing disaster.

Suen, Anastasia

Don’t Forget! : a responsibility story

Taking care of his class’s pet rabbit makes Alex appreciate the value of acting responsibly.

Youth Early-Reader Fiction

McDonough, Yona Zeldis

A Doll Named Dora Anne

Although her grandmother thinks that Kate is ready to own the porcelain doll that has been in the family for generations, her mother disagrees until Kate proves herself responsible.

Youth Series

Tripp, Valerie Lindy’s Happy Ending Lindy always thinks of interesting projects to start but never seems to be able to finish them, until her carelessness allows the class ducklings to escape from their cage and wreak havoc on the classroom.

Youth Fiction

DeLaCroix, Alice

The Best Horse Ever

Nine-year-old Abby finally gets her own horse, but will this new responsibility mean she must give up everything else?

Harper, Charise Mericle

Just Grace Walks the Dog

Eight-year-old Just Grace and her best friend Mimi embark on a campaign to convince Grace’s parents that they are responsible and dependable enough to get a dog.

Marsden, Carolyn

The Buddha’s Diamonds

As a storm sweeps in, Tinh’s father tells him to tie up their fishing boat, but the storm scares him and he runs away.  But when the damage to the boat is discovered, Tinh realizes what he must do.

McDonald, Megan

Judy Moody Declares Independence

After learning about the American Revolution on a family trip to Boston, Massachusetts, Judy Moody makes her own Declaration of Independence and tries to prove that she is responsible enough to have more freedoms, such as a higher allowance and her own bathroom.

Youth Nonfiction

Raatma, Lucia


This book explains the virtue of responsibility and how readers can practice it at home, in school, in the community, and with each other. 

Small, Mary

Being Responsible

Includes bibliographic references and index.

Thoennes Keller, Kristin


Introduces responsibility through examples of everyday situations where this character trait can be used.

Young Adult Fiction

Gonzalez, Julie

Imaginary Enemy

Although her impetuous behavior, smart-mouthed comments, and slacker ways have landed her in trouble over the years, sixteen-year-old Jane has always put the blame on her “imaginary enemy,” until a new development forces her to decide whether or not to assume responsibility for her actions.

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