Author Andy Weir is a self-described “lifelong space nerd and devoted hobbyist”, who follows up his bestseller, The Martian with another thriller, this one about a colony on the moon named Artemis. The narrative centers on Jazz Bashara, an impulsive young woman who was brought to the moon as a child by her father, a master welder. Rather than take up his trade, Jazz works at a low-level delivery job, which provides excellent cover for her smuggling operation. Desirous of improving her living standard, she accepts a risky but lucrative outside (beyond the protective domes of the city) job for one of her customers, Trond Landvik.  When Trond is found murdered, Jazz realizes she is in over her head and subsequently has become tangled up in a mob-like conspiracy to take over Artemis. How she gets out of this mess and ultimately saves the day is the stuff of action movies, but quite suspenseful and satisfying to the reader now invested in her success over the bad guys.  A fun read with a great heroine at the helm.

Artemis : a novelBy Weir, Andy author.

"Impressively geeky...the technical details keep the story relentlessly precise and the suspense ramped up." cover annotation

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