An American Marriage

Married for only a short time, Celestial and Roy take a trip to visit his parents.  During that visit, Roy is arrested for a crime he did not commit, and is eventually sentenced to twelve years in prison. Of course, Celestial is devastated.  She is an artist who creates hand-made high-end dolls for wealthy collectors, and her business is just starting to take off. As her usual self-reliant, independent self is crumbling, she leans on childhood friend and neighbor, Andre, for support.  Needless to say, their relationship deepens, and the ensuing love triangle sets the stage for plenty of soul-searching about, love, trust, loyalty, promises, and family. A few plot twists give the story its edge, and its alternating chapters are told from each of the main characters perspectives, a technique which balances the melodrama, making Celestial, Roy and Andre come alive for the reader. It’s an old story, but beautiful writing by Jones keeps it fresh and absorbing.

An American marriageBy Jones, Tayari author.

"An American Marriage asks hard questions about injustice and betrayal, and answers them with a heartbreaking and genuinely suspenseful love story in which nobody's wrong and everybody's wounded...a complex and important novel about people trapped in a tragic situation, struggling to reconcile their responsibilities and desires." -Tom Perrotta, from the cover

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