An American Marriage

An American marriageBy Jones, Tayari author.
"An American Marriage asks hard questions about injustice and betrayal, and answers them with a heartbreaking and genuinely suspenseful love story in which nobody's wrong and everybody's wounded...a complex and important novel about people trapped in a tragic situation, struggling to reconcile their responsibilities and desires." -Tom Perrotta, from the cover
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So You Want to Talk about Race

So you want to talk about raceBy Oluo, Ijeoma, author.
"Ijeoma Oluo has emerged as one of Seattle's strongest voices for social justice...Best of all, she gets her message across with incisive wit, remarkable humor and an appropriate magnitude of rage."-Seattle magazine
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It Occurs to Me that I am America : New Stories and Art

It occurs to me that I am America : new stories and art
"The contest for our American identity isn't strictly a political affair. It is also a matter of storytelling. -Viet Thanh Nguyen, Introduction "A stunning exploration of the state of our union through gorgeous, fierce, fervent, and occasionally funny storytelling. -publisher annotation
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Gnomon : a novel

Gnomon : a novelBy Harkaway, Nick, 1972- author.
“In the world of Gnomon, citizens are constantly observed and democracy has reached a pinnacle of ‘transparency.’ Every action is seen, every word is recorded, and the System has access to its citizens’ thoughts and memories—all in the name of providing the safest society in history.”
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New & On-Order DVDs & Blu-ray January 2018 (3 items)

January 2018 New & On Order DVD/Blu-ray
A listing of DVD's and Blu-ray added to the collection in October/November 2017
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Artemis : a novelBy Weir, Andy author.
"Impressively geeky...the technical details keep the story relentlessly precise and the suspense ramped up." cover annotation
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Sawbones [sound recording]By Lenhardt, Melissa
A woman doctor in 1871 New York flees to Colorado to escape a phony murder charge, and faces the dangers of the west, constant doubt about her abilities, and possible bounty hunters.
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I Can't Breathe : A Killing on Bay Street

I can't breathe : a killing on Bay StreetBy Taibbi, Matt author.
"Garner's death," writes Taibbi, "and the great distances that were traveled to protect his killer, now stand as testaments to America's pathological desire to avoid equal treatment under the law for its black population. " (the author)
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The End of the World Running Club

The end of the world running club [sound recording]By Walker, Adrian J.,
An asteroid hit has largely destroyed the UK. Ed, a lazy, overweight, unhappy husband and father of two, and six other survivors must make their way 550 miles south to reunite him with his family. With a deadline to meet before his wife and children board an evacuation ship, the group decides their only option is to run.
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Democracy in Chains : The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America

Democracy in chains : the deep history of the radical right's stealth plan for AmericaBy MacLean, Nancy, author.
“This sixty-year campaign to make libertarianism mainstream and eventually take the government itself is at the heart of Democracy in Chains. . . . If you're worried about what all this means for America's future, you should be” – NPR
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The Ninth Hour

The ninth hourBy McDermott, Alice author.
"...testing the limits and the demands of love and sacrifice, of forgiveness and forgetfulness, ...rendered with remarkable delicacy, heart, and intelligence." Publisher notes
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You Should Have Left

You should have leftBy Kehlmann, Daniel, 1975- author.
"A beautifully crafted exercise in terror from one of Germany's most celebrated contemporary authors." -Kirkus Reviews
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The Trouble with Reality : A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time

The trouble with reality : a rumination on moral panic in our timeBy Gladstone, Brooke
"Brooke Gladstone has whipped up a short, stiff drink of truth. You'll feel better for taking it." -George Packer
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Thank You for Your Service

Thank you for your serviceBy Finkel, David, 1955-
"This extraordinary book will piss you off and break your heart. It will shame you and lift you up. It will bend your mind to the reality of an American war..."-Ben Fountain
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AutonomousBy Newitz, Annalee, 1969- author.
The author "takes some of today's key social and technical issues (the nature of artificial intelligence, the notion of property and ownership) and wraps them in a compelling, original story line acted out by memorable characters". (LJ Review)
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